Fresh Nutritious Food

The CommTainer is our end to end solution to the commercial farming sector.  Helping you to supply high-quality supreme food to your customers all year around.

This off-grid sustainable solution with a low environmental impact is the future of farming. Being able to grow near the market you are able to save on transport costs, the solution only uses 5000L during a 3-month cycle and uses solar panels for electricity supply.

Within this controlled environment, using our LED Grow Lamps and our vertical farm NFT hydroponics system, you are able to grow crops with a higher nutritious value, and more mass, in a faster turn around time making it a viable business.

Pilot Container

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Supreme Yields

Imagine a farm that provides you with 99% of its available carrying capacity every month.*

The CommTainers solution is an optimized growing environment with full-spectrum lights to allow crops to mature with full nutrition within 28 days!
Thus, rain or shine, drought or flood, and summer or winter you can bank on consistent returns, availability, taste and nutrition.

We measure, report and assist on every aspect of the plant journey** to ensure the most stress-free, healthy and consistent return on your investment, helping to ensure a sustainable economic asset.

*average crop dependent. Strawberries: 28 days. Basil: 14 days. Tomatoes: 42 days. Results may vary based on how effectively system and guidance are followed.

**optional, but highly recommended.

Sustainable & Off-Grid

We realize that as commercial growers and off-grid communities you cannot always depend on the availability of infrastructure and basic services. That is why AgriLED provides off-grid, solar-powered versions of our products

We also know that the key problem is often the availability of clean, fresh water.

Thus we provide 2 x 5000l tanks with enough fresh water to operate the farm at full capacity for 4 months!

We’ve partnered with the world’s number 1 waterless toilet manufacturer, Pennine Energy Innovation, to ensure that none of the available water is flushed away for the end of the digestive chain.

What you Get

  • 4 x 12m Container Farms – Focussing on nutritious yields
  • 1 x Waterless Sanitation Container
  • 1 x Packing & Distribution Hub

    We can also do a customized order which suits your needs best.